Expo Dynamo manufactures and distributes to trade show professionals only T3, our unique display system. T3 is an extremely effective, lightweight, robust and economical system for use in the trade show and related display industries.

All of our clients are trade show professionals, who understand that the primary aspect of any trade show stand is mainly the message conveyed by effective graphics, and not necessarily the stand hardware itself. All of our designs are built without the need for tools and the frameworks are extremely light and economical to ship.

Expo Dynamo helps trade show professionals such as yourselves to provide your clients with creative displays that stand out from the crowd and stay within budget.

Our hardware fits together in many ways to give your clients an almost limitless number of opportunities to reconfigure their display with little or no added hardware expense. T3 allows you to makes lots of small stands out of one larger one, make a large stand by combining smaller ones. Tables and plinths can be integral or detached, all made from standard and reusable components.